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Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions.

  1. Rating: +4

    Where is your school located?

  2. Rating: +10

    Is there Financial aid available?

  3. Rating: +4

    What is the 3 week course tuition?

  4. Rating: +2

    How long are individual classes?

  5. What time does class start?

  6. Will I always have the same instructor?

  7. When will I get to tattoo?

  8. Rating: +0

    Do you teach BBP certification?

  9. Will there be tests?

  10. Do I need to be an artist?

  11. Rating: +1

    What if I don't have a machine?

  12. Rating: +1

    What if I need extra help?

  13. Rating: -1

    How many students will be in each class?

  14. Rating: +4

    Do you need a Diploma or G.E.D.?

  15. Rating: +7

    How old do you have to be to enroll?

  16. Rating: +6

    Do you provide room and board?

  17. Rating: +1

    Are both courses, 1 and 2, required?

  18. Do you teach permanent makeup tattooing?

  19. Rating: +2

    What all do I get with tuition fees?

  20. Rating: +6

    After graduation will I still need to apprentice in a shop?

  21. Rating: +7

    Do tattoo shops appreciate this type of schooling?

  22. Rating: +2

    What if I have no drawing experience?

  23. Rating: +4

    How many tattoos will be completed in the 3 week course?

  24. Rating: +1

    Will students only tattoo on practice skin?

  25. Rating: +4

    How much can a Tattoo Artist make?

  26. Rating: +0

    Does TATTS grant me a license to tattoo in my state?

  27. Do you have a school in Phoenix Arizona?

  28. Rating: +3

    I'm in High School, but want to be a tattoo artist, what should I do?

  29. Rating: +3

    Do you let students do free tattoos on volunteers?

  30. Rating: -2

    Do I have to pay tuition all at once?

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