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1. What are the benefits of smaller tattoo classes?
2. Why is the popularity of the tattoo industry growing?
3. How have attitudes towards tattoos affected sales?
4. Where are the best jobs in the tattoo industry?
5. How can tattoo fees affect your financial future?
6. Where can you learn the art of tattooing at the best price?
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Are you interested in starting a new career?  Have you been searching for tattoo schools and trying to figure out where to begin? The Tattoo Artist Technical Training School is where you want to be.

For years, people with creative personalities have been turning to careers as tattoo artists to further their potential. Musicians, artists, and people of all backgrounds have chosen to be tattoo artists so they can be creative while making the money they want.

Becoming a Tattoo Artist is not easy. Before you start, you need artistic talent and a passion for being creative. The technical skills required can be learned from other artists, but more importantly, skills are born from dedication and lots of practice!

At TATTS we teach and practice comprehensive strategies to develop and nurture your talent.

We’ll show you how to develop a well-rounded portfolio of work that anyone would be proud to wear. Our small class size allows our Master Tattoo Artist Instructors to give you one-on-one instruction from the first day of school. Every aspect and style will be explored, including portrait. In essence, we bring the apprenticeship to you!

Are you concerned that you don’t have the money to take courses? No problem! We offer convenient, easy to apply for financial assistance. Call us today and find out how you can qualify.  760-746-5878